My Brain review on mindfump

So I did a brain review! It’s an interesting activity I found out about on where you can rate your brain out of 5 and give a short review of it. I found it a ‘soothing’ exercise and liked the reflection it allowed as well as the attempted creativity of trying to draw an optional brain scan.

Really recommend you guys check it out and maybe give it a go (Go to and in the brain reviews section there’s a link for submitting your own.)

Here’s my attempt!

Received model 20 years ago & it worked pretty well for the first 15 years with just a few blips. Unfortunately it has been temperamental since then, but currently seems to be in recovery mode.

Key facts about this model:

  • Memory like an elephant; which can be pretty useful for passing the odd exam and being organised. Depression seems to upset its memory though but the main fault is that it seems to save memory files incorrectly and surface really bad memory files at unhelpful times, which can cause system crashes.
  • Pretty logical brain but like most brains; stress and anxiety can affect its rationality at times and it can appear to have a ‘logical side’ and a ‘crazy side’ with it being hard to remain rooted in the logical side. 
  • Awesome acting ability so that it will feel as though you are wearing a mask and your emotions are concealed from others. This can be really useful for hiding the problems it’s prone too so you can continue with daily life but beware of this life-threatening function as it can very easily all boil over.
  • A big selling point of this brain in this age is the fact that it is unlikely that you will be fat because it’s eating disorder function will not let you relax around food especially when in front of others or let you eat certain food groups. If this setting fails there’s always the high anxiety setting that is sure to burn calories with sleepless nights, pacing and hypervigilance!
  • One thing however that makes all its flaws worthwhile; is the fact that it’s actually a really caring and kind brain as it’s always looking out for others and making time for them even if not in it’s own interests. Will always remain kind to others even if not to itself.

I would therefore recommend this brain to someone who wants to be kind to others but beware of its ‘malfunctions’ as sadly they detract from the potential of this brain and may cause a reduced lifespan due to its self-destruct function.brainscan


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